NiBSA has forged strategic partnership with several agencies both within and outside the country critical among which is the National Biosafety Management Agency and will be having its first joint conference in November 2015. NiBSA is affiliated to the African Biological Safety Association (AfBSA) and globally to the International Federation of Biosafety Association (IFBA). Through these affiliations, the Association is able to network better with other Country associations to adapt and share best practices in managing biological threats of any nature. Members of the association attend biosafety conference to learn best practices to improve biorisk management.
NiBSA has also forged partnership with other external organizations like the

United States Department of States Biosecurity Engagement Program (US BEP)


Sandia National Laboratories(SNL) – International Biological and Chemical Threat reduction Program


Canadian Government Global Partnership Program (GPP) etc.



It is via this collaboration with the SNL and BEP that the association will be in the United States of America in January 2016 for a risk Assessment workshop to build capacity of Nigerian Scientist to conduct biological and chemical risk assessment.