Nigeria joined other countries and the global biosafety community with the establishment of the Nigerian Biological Safety Association (NiBSA) in November 24, 2010. The Nigerian Biological Safety Association (NiBSA) is a multidisciplinary association headquartered in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. NiBSA held its maiden meeting in November 24, 2010 with the election of a Protem Executive Council. It is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that provides a forum for issue –based debates and discourses of concerns with respect to biosafety and biosecurity and to represent those working in the field of biosafety and biosecurity and other associated activities at various levels. The Association is open to anyone working in the field of biorisk management, and provides a unique opportunity for networking. Members range from students to senior professionals, from disciplines as diverse as healthcare, academia, emergency response, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industries, NGOs, agriculture, engineering and regulatory affairs


  • To promote biosafety and biosecurity as scientific disciplines in national and regional development.
  • To explore the role of insurance in biosafety and biosecurity.
  • To create awareness on the need to strengthen training and standard practices of biosafetv and biosecurity in the workplace
  • To explore partner network in resolving emerging challenges arising from biological and related threat.
  • To promote the understanding and regulation of product of modern biotechnology for protection and promotion of human, animal and environmental health.

What We Do

  • Committed to enhancing the knowledge, understanding and promotion of biological safety and biosecurity for biological threat reduction in Nigeria.
  • Seeks to advance global biosafety and biosecurity in Nigeria by working with Ministries, Departments, Agencies of government, bi-lateral and multilateral institutions and community structures
  • Securing and accounting for materials that represent biological proliferation threats
  • Strengthening national networks to rapidly identify, confirm and respond to biological threats.


The Association is open to persons involved in matters of or relating to biosafety, biosecurity, biotechnology, health, health science, health technology or health care delivery and regulatory affairs. The following categories of membership are available in the association:
i. Ordinary Members: Any person with an interest in biological safety can be considered for membership in this category.
ii. Corporate Members: Any organization or body corporate having interest in biological safety including biosecurity, biorisk management can be considered for Corporate membership.
iii. Student Members: Students with an interest in biological safety shall be eligible for student membership.
iv. Honorary Members: A person who has made outstanding contributions to biological safety and biosecurity can be conferred with this title.
v. Fellow: This may be a member Fellow (FNiBSA) or Honorary Fellow (FNiBSA (Hons)). A member is awarded the prestigious status of FNiBSA, having distinguished himself/herself in service to the association. Honorary Fellow may not be a member but has occupied position or provided service of immense benefit to the course of biological Safety, biosecurity, and allied disciplines.


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